Aneba Geoinformática S.L.

ANEBA Geoinformática, S.L. (ANEBA) is a Spanish company that was founded in Barcelona in 1986 with the objective of creating technical and industrial oriented applications on graphical environments. Through these last years some important goals have been reached:
1989: We started developing CARTOMAP for MS Windows 2.11 application
1990: CARTOMAP for MS Windows 3.0 presentation. We were pioneer developers worldwide at providing a Surveying and Civil Engineering application for Windows.
1992: Expansion to other countries started: Portugal, Argentina, Mexico, Chile, Venezuela... dozens of dealers and commercial agents were spread in Latin America, Europe, Africa and Southeast Asia countries.
1994: Development and success of Pocket CARTOMAP as a field application. Pocket CARTOMAP was the first Surveying and Civil Engineering application for Windows CE worldwide.
1998: CARTOMAP 4 was launched. Multiple advantages were added and it became an application of reference in several countries.
2004: CARTOMAP 5 with renewed source code was introduced. That new code improved CARTOMAP usability and functionality.
2008: CARTOMAP 6 was released. For the first time same application and same data file can be used in field work, with total stations, GPS, etc. and in office tasks.
2009: New products were offered:
- CARTOMAP Reader for Windows, a free distributed application to display and operate with CTM (CARTOMAP) files.
- CARTOMAP Reader for CAD, a free distributed application to display and operate CTM (CARTOMAP) files in CAD environments (AutoCAD or Bricscad).
2010: Presentation of more products in different platforms:
- CARTOMAP CAD for iPhone OS, first technical and complete CAD application for Apple iPod Touch, iPhone and iPad devices, with additional modules focused on surveying, GIS and civil engineering needs.
- CARTOMAP CommCenter, a free distributed application for Windows and OSX that provides file transfer capabilities to CARTOMAP CAD for iPhone OS.
- CARTOMAP CAD for AutoCAD/Bricscad enables users to fully make use of the CARTOMAP functionalities to the usual CAD environment employed.
2011: Presentation of CARTOMAP 7, with the most advanced features in the last 20 years.

CARTOMAP has been designed to work in different multiplatform environments (office/field work, Windows 7/Vista/XP, AutoCAD/Bricscad, Windows Mobile/iPhone OS, 32/64 bits) using the same standardized code, so that new functionalities can be implemented with greater quality and usefulness. Versatile CTM files can be used in any platform making easier and swifter file interchange.

Finally, I would like to thank all our customers and distributors who contributed to these successes, and of course, I also want to thank all members of ANEBA, who build a team able to solve the most complicated professional challenges.

Thank you very much !!!

Antonio Embid
Managing Director