CartomapCAD - Updates


CARTOMAP CAD updates can be downloaded to your iPad, iPhone or iPod Touch using the standard warning and download procedure included into their iOS operating system.

CARTOMAP CAD v2.0Feb 6, 2014

  • iOS 7 and Retina Display support.
  • Enhanced CAD status bar with layer information, mini keypad for data entry, and buttons for to go to previous step, or for to repeat or cancel a tool.
  • Screenshot of the current drawing that can be used in other apps.

CARTOMAP CAD v1.9Feb 17, 2012

  • SnapTo Length to use a rounded length in some CAD tools..
  • SnapTo Angle to use a rounded absolute or relative orientation, improves orthogonal lines (walls...).
  • Solved a problem when syncing damaged files.
  • Jailbroken devices can be used.

CARTOMAP CAD v1.8Nov 21, 2011

Added features:
  • New tool for graphical tracking: if you tap the screen and keep the finger on, the system shows information about the selected element, the layer to which belongs and its properties (length, radio, aperture angle,etc). Around the cursor, a magnifying glass shows a more detailed view of the element.
  • Smart cursor: If a CAD tool requires selection of coordinates, keep the finger on the screen a few seconds to obtain information about the coordinates. If a snap option has been applied to compute the final coordinates, or if they are the coordinates of a keypoint (as item endpoint, intersection, center of curve, etc) then the cursor changes its appearance, according to the element type selected.

CARTOMAP CAD v1.7Nov 9, 2011

Added features:
  • New set of tools allowing work with several elements simultaneously: these tools allow copy, move or rotate more than one element at the same time. The copy can be simple, as a mirror copy, as well as multiple to build a rectangular or polar array. You can also makes copies filling a surface, keeping the sizes and orientation of the elements as well as generate copies with different scale.
  • New CAD tool: Freehand polyline. It allows creating a polyline following the movement of the finger on the screen.
  • The color and line style of an element can be defined individually and independently from the color and line style of the layer to which the element belongs.
  • Edition of views, layers, entities, symbols and points has been simplified. You can access to all edition function from the Edition menu. The functions for adding, editing and delete are now grouped under one menu. This menu also offers now a Preview function.
  • The grid is drawn using continuous lines in place of a set of marks.
  • The language can be modified inside the application, through Edit/Settings.

CARTOMAP CAD v1.6.1Oct 15, 2011

Compatible with iOS 5

CARTOMAP CAD v1.6Aug 13, 2011

Added features:
  • RULES to easiest XY/NE positioning. Rules can have a fixed or auto adjusted distance with up to 3 mark levels. Rules can be labeled with absolute and/or relative coordinates. Rules can be shown or hidden at will.
  • GRID to do easiest XY/NE positioning and drawing. Grid can have a fixed or auto adjusted distance with up to 3 mark levels. The grid can be shown or hidden at will.
  • Snap To Grid coordinates to do easiest sketching and precise drawing.
  • Snap To coordinates to a middle point over an item and to a projected point over an item.
  • Multiple User Coordinate Systems (UCS) to define multiple local reference coordinate systems, including a change in the plan view orientation. An UCS can be defined by a point, given new local coordinates, or by two points with new local coordinates and with a new plan view orientation on the X/East axis. Edition and selection of any UCS or selection of the project world coordinate system (WCS).
  • The information dialog, the manual adjustment dialog and the snap-to dialog, shows data in the selected UCS.
  • Redraw is done as a background task that can be cancelled.
  • Other minor features: Chamfer line with a cero distance to join two lines...

CARTOMAP CAD v1.5Apr 5, 2011

Added features:
  • Support for cloud storage: iDisk, Dropbox and any WebDAV compatible.
  • Smart Splash Screen with easy access to create, load and transfer files and to other tasks (help, preferences...).
  • Fast preview of DWG/DXF/CTM file content.
  • New CAD items: Axis.
  • New CAD selection tools: point projected over an item. point perpendicular to an item.
  • Enhanced support for high resolution display (Retina Display).
  • New adjusted dialogs on the iPad.
  • More than 130 CAD tools are available.
  • Less memory footprint.
An some bugs corrected and other minor improvements.

CARTOMAP CAD v1.4.1Dec 28, 2010

  • Fixed some problems with UNICODE and color palette.
  • Names of layers and entities has been expanded up to 255 characters.

CARTOMAP CAD v1.4Dec 13, 2010

  • UNICODE compliant: now all alphabets are supported by CARTOMAP CAD. Text objects, layer names or block names, written in language as chinese, arabic, russian, etc., are now displayed correctly.
  • Zoom to the extents of drawing enhanced.
  • Bug repair: Crash error on iOS 4.2.1 when using virtual keyboard or non-ASCII filenames.

CARTOMAP CAD v1.3.2Nov 12, 2010

  • Proxy objects are displayed, like Autodesk AEC objects (walls, doors, windows, atairs...) and other third party objects.

CARTOMAP CAD v1.3.1Oct 22, 2010

  • Fixed a crash error after updating on some systems.

CARTOMAP CAD v1.3Oct 14, 2010

  • Send and receive DWG/DXF/CTM (v14 to 2010) by email or through iTunes with no need of any additional application and without need of WiFi/3G connectivity. Your projects are stored in you iOS device under your full control
  • CARTOMAP CommCenter can still be used to transfer files of previous CARTOMAP file versions but it is not required for new file transfers.
  • Linear and angular working units can be selected by the user. CARTOMAP CAD alerts if the file units are not coincident with the working units selected in preferences.
  • Color selection from the color palette of 256 colors or by true color.
  • Background color selection from CARTOMAP CAD.
  • New CAD tools to edit:
    • Symbols.
    • Dimensions.
  • Various internal improvements.

CARTOMAP CAD v1.2Aug 30, 2010

  • New internal structure (based on CARTOMAP 6.3) with lower memory consumption. Improvement by a factor x4.
  • New compressed iCTM file (includes original DWG/DXF files, CTM working file and other auxiliary files) can be sent and received by email, iTunes or WiFi. Improvement size by a factor of x13.
  • New generic options of Undo / Redo on the top bar.
  • FILE Menu:
    The iCTM files are compressed and decompressed when received or sent, not when you are working with them. This may cause some additional processing time may be in the order of 1 minute for a DWG file of 10 MB.
    • New options for new file type DWG / DXF or CTM.
    • New option to delete a file.
    • New option for information about current file.
    • New option to close the current file.
    • New options for transferring files by email, iTunes or WiFi.
    • New option to close and leave CARTOMAP CAD, for use with multi-tasking system iOS 4.
  • CAD Menu:
    • New options for selecting coordinates:
      · Manual setting on another selection to increase XYZ / NEZ, by angle and distance or absolute coordinates.
      · Search for a point by its index.
    • New text editing options:
      · Add new text.
      · Text modify.
      · Change style, font, color ...
      · Move: horizontally, vertically or freely.
      · Rotate.
      · Resize.
      · Copy from another existing text.
  • Various internal improvements to increase the redraw speed on large files.

CARTOMAP CAD v1.1.1May 28, 2010

  • Fixed a crashing bug occurred on devices that use OS 3.2 (only iPad).
  • Minor improvements and corrections: files list ordered alphabetically, text width is displayed independently of layer width, line type identification displayed for new projects.

CARTOMAP CAD v1.1May 17, 2010

  • Universal version for iPod Touch/iPhone and iPad.
  • Filenames that use UNICODE characters can now be transfered.
  • Improvements in file reading capacity and time of process when loading and drawing big size files up to 7 times faster.
  • New tools: Preview layers, entities and views; zoom search: entities and points; draw rectangles: delete zone; new file.
  • Fixed an error occurred when displaying NEZ coordinates.
  • This version needs new CARTOMAP CommCenter 1.1

CARTOMAP CAD v1.0.2Apr 3, 2010

This version solves a crashing bug that occurs in some devices whose name included certain characters.
  • Fixed a problem detected in some devices whose name included certain characters (by example: Steve's iPhone).
  • Improved the zoom using the touchscreen.

CARTOMAP CAD v1.0.1Mar 28, 2010

This version solves a crashing bug that occurs on some iPhone® 3G/3GS devices with iPhone® OS 3.1.3. In addition some changes have been made in order to the App Store identifies the three languages supported (English, Spanish and Portuguese).
  • Some problems with audio functions that will be used on next modules (TOPO and SURVEYOR) have been solved.
  • Corrections on supported languages identifications and automatic selection of language according to OS language have been applied.

CARTOMAP CAD v1.0Mar 22, 2010

First CARTOMAP CAD for iPhone® OS publication on the App Store after being revised and accepted by Apple in 2 hours.

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